Our mission statement

AMDO is a non-profit organisation that aims to be the reasoned and credible voice of a responsible, collaborative and proactive microchip registration industry, playing a lead role in raising standards to improve the effectiveness of pet reunification, customer service and general animal welfare.

AMDO intends to be the main resource for its members, industry stakeholders and pet owners, setting standards to achieve a balanced self-regulated environment and working in partnership with relevant animal welfare stakeholders.

Our members

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Why join us?

  • Have a voice

    Government prefers talking to trade associations rather than a large number of separate businesses – it’s more efficient and makes their job easier. As a member of AMDO, you are able to participate in our efforts to ensure that our industry is fit for purpose and contributes positively to animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.

  • Your business is more credible

    Membership of a recognised trade association will demonstrate to your customers that you meet best practice standards.

  • Individual advice

    As long as it’s not something anti-competitive or commercially confidential, we’ll be happy to discuss potential solutions to issues faced by our members.

What does the AMDO do?

AMDO is a professional association for database operators which sets out to:

News and announcements​

AMDO Conference 2024

Association of Microchip Database Operators (AMDO) is excited to announce our first conference. AMDO was formed in 2023 by a group of Defra-compliant databases that...

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