About us

AMDO evolved from a working group of database operators collaborating to respond to the consultation on the review of microchipping of dogs regulations and the introduction of microchipping of cats regulations. Whilst group members had openly communicated with each other historically, the advantages of formalising the group as a trade association to represent members’ views and set standards for the industry were clear.

Our mission statement

AMDO is a non-profit organisation that aims to be the reasoned and credible voice of a responsible, collaborative and proactive microchip registration industry, playing a lead role in raising standards to improve the effectiveness of pet reunification, customer service and general animal welfare.

AMDO intends to be the main resource for its members, industry stakeholders and pet owners, setting standards to achieve a balanced self-regulated environment and working in partnership with relevant animal welfare stakeholders.


Legislation for animal microchipping is a devolved issue which means that England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have individual laws that database operators must comply with. But it’s not just the compulsory microchipping regulations for dogs (and soon cats) and data protection legislation that databases need to consider when managing registrations, transfer requests and enquiries from authorised organisations; there are other laws and rules we need to be aware of that have an impact on what we do.